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Large 3 compartment holder

Another popular large portrait 3 compartment fully produced name tag with upper top pocket insert 105mm wide x 74mm high and the lower pocket insert 105mm wide x 74mm high generally used for category insert. The reverse pocket takes a program/agenda up to 105mm wide x 148mm high and the flexible PVC holder has 3 slots for attachments. Price includes all 3 compartment inserts - 1 x 105mm x 74mm personalised insert and 1 x Generic or Catergory insert not personalised and 1 x Generic Program 105mm x 148mm.

Product Code: NCH024AFP
Minimum Order: 50
Product Dimensions: 160mm (High) x 118mm (Wide)
Carton Quantity: 1
Carton Dimensions: Not Specified
Delivery Time:

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