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XpoTrack Exhibitor Tracking

XpoTrack is an exciting new lead generation web app service available to EziTag customers. Using your internet connected mobile device or even a laptop computer each member of your team will be able to access information about the attendees at your next exhibition event or trade show. It reads trade show attendees name tags and records the data inside a cloud database. Each Exhibitor has their own unique and secure cloud database that can be accessed at any time from their web enabled device, including during the trade show. Attendee Contact Details are instantly available. Leads can be qualified to suit the individual requirements of each Exhibitor. XpoTrack is very cost competitive - because there is no need to hire a standalone tracking device. Simply purchase the software application from EziTag, and load onto your web enabled device. XpoTrack is available for a flat rate fee of $1000 per event when you are using our "fully produced" name tag service and the great news is ALL exhibitors will be able to use it!

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